What is Linda Coin

Linda is a Dynamic Anonymous Cryptocurrency offering a solid 70% PoS Block Reward phase and incredible earnings potential.

Community Driven

Supported by a talented & dedicated group focused on meeting and exceeding the expectations of the global Linda community.

Why Linda Coin

Multi-Wallet, Atomic swaps, Instant transaction processing, anon messaging with high block rewards are just a few reasons to invest in Linda.

Image of the TOR Onion Network

Privacy Tor Wallets

Secure your coins under multiple onions, Linda coin has integrated a new way to improve security to your assets whether You want to stay anonymous or emergency situations.

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Choose Your Wallet

The Linda wallet application is available now on all popular operating systems.?Download the wallet that best matches your platform to get started today.

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Atomic Swap Capabilities

Atomic swap is a cryptographically powered smart contract technology that enables two parties to exchange different cryptocurrencies

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Buy Linda Coin

Buying Linda Coin is easy! Go to one of the many cryptocurrency marketplaces supporting Linda Coin, create an account and make your first purchase. It’s that simple.

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Stealth Transactions

Linda brings you the option to send your transactions encrypted over a secure network or over our regular blockchain which gives more anonymity with Linda.

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Stake Your Wallet

Earn Linda Coin by simply holding on to or staking the mature Linda coins you have in your wallet. The more you stake, the higher the coin rewards you earn every 24 hours.


Employing technologies like blockchain masking and TOR masking, Linda strives to offer the greatest amount of anonymity possible simply because your privacy is important.


Providing blockchain services such as stealth addressing and encrypted messaging Linda further protects you by helping to prevent the tracking of your transactions made through the Linda blockchain network.

Transaction Speed
PoS Reward
Block Reward

Instant Transactions

A common barrier to the adoption of a cryptocurrency is the speed in which transactions are processed. Linda provides near instant transactions through the use of a masternode network.

Strong Investment

Linda is a pure PoS based blockchain cryptocurrency that rewards long term investment through either wallet staking or masternode ownership. Linda offers investors a 70% block reward and a 99% APR.


Linda is a hybrid cryptocurrency offering a 70% pure PoS Block reward phase and 99% APR. The Linda coin comes with masternode technology ensuring lightening fast, secure transaction processing with multi-wallets, encrypted messaging and stealth addressing for strong anonymity. Click here!

Atomic swaps

Linda’s Atomic swap feature aims to solve the problem of making and accepting payments across multiple cryptocurrencies without the need for a middle man or market to do the conversion. Using Atomic swaps you will be able to send Linda to anyone and it will automatically be converted into the cryptocurrency of the recipients choice.


Here at Linda we care about your security. That’s why we’ve added stealth options in our wallets to hide any transactions you may make from being public. Our security protocol uses the best Anonymity network in the world: TOR. This partnership allows us to dynamically hide or show transactions at the push of a button.

Linda Masternodes

In PoS-based public blockchain Linda Coin a validator group proposes and votes the next block, and the voting weight of each validator depends on the size of its repository. (i.e., stake). Significant benefits of PoS include security, reduced risk of centralization and energy efficiency. masternodes enable lightening fast and near instant transaction processing making everyday transactions possible though secure payment solutions.


Linda is working hard to bring you a seamless wallet experience across all popular platforms including Windows PC, Mac OSX, Linux and the upcoming Linda Web wallet. As the Linda wallet technology evolves we strive to simplify the processes of Staking or Masternode ownership as well to continue to improve your overall wallet experience. Anonymity and stealth transactions are a must for any progressive crypto-currency, that?s why Lindacoin has this built into its product. Lindacoin?s commitment to secure and anonymous transactions is not negotiable. In fact, Lindacoin strives to develop its security policies even further in the future as part of its next generation development (Plan X). Security starts now but is always developing at Lindacoin. Stealth transactions were originally based on the Elliptic curve Diffie-Hellman protocol.?In normal transactions, the transaction can be tracked between sender and receiver using the blockchain, and the identity of each could be known. With a stealth address, a unique address is created by the client, which can then be used as a single address for deposits, but the blockchain sees transactions going to different addresses and has no way to correlate them. This means that nobody can track what payments have been made to the stealth address.