What is Linda Coin?

Linda is a dynamic anonymous cryptocurrency offering a solid 70% PoS block reward phase and incredible earnings potential. Linda utilizes masternodes which ensure lightning fast secured transactions, multi-wallets, encrypted messaging and stealth address for complete anonymity.

Anonymous & Secure

Utilizing technologies like blockchain masking and TOR masking, Linda strives to offer the greatest amount of anonymity possible. With stealth addressing and encrypted messaging, Linda further protects you by preventing the tracking of transactions made through the Linda blockchain network.

Wallet Technology

Linda is working hard to bring you a seamless wallet experience across all popular platforms including Windows PC, Mac OSX, Linux and the upcoming Linda web wallet. As the Linda wallet technology evolves, we strive to simplify the processes of staking or masternode ownership as well improve your overall wallet experience.

Strong Investment

Linda is a pure PoS based blockchain cryptocurrency that rewards long term investment through either wallet staking or masternode ownership. Linda offers investors a 70% block reward and a 99% APR. No other coin currently available can match this.

Discover The Linda Coin Difference
Unbeatable Features!

Privacy Tor Wallets

Secure your coins under multiple onions. Linda coin has integrated a new way to improve the security of your assets whether you wish to stay anonymous or in emergency situations.

Atomic Swap Capabilities (Coming Soon)

Atomic swap is a cryptographically powered smart contract technology that enables two parties to exchange different cryptocurrencies without the dependency on an exchange. View The Video.

Stealth Transactions

Linda brings you the option to send your transactions encrypted over a secure network or over our regular blockchain which gives more anonymity with Linda.

Proof Of Stake (PoS)

Earn Linda Coin by simply holding on to or staking the mature Linda coins you have in your wallet. The more you stake, the higher the coin rewards you earn every 24 hours.


Linda masternodes offer the highest block reward in the cryptosphere. This gives our investors the maximum reward available which is an essential element to Linda's features.

Lightning Fast Transactions

A common barrier to the adoption of a cryptocurrency is the speed in which transactions are processed. Linda provides near instant transactions through the use of a masternode network.

Staking & Masternodes

Interested in more information about staking and masternodes? Please see below for information on guides that will get you started.

Linda Staking

Put your coins to work for you!

The Linda Project believes that cryptocurrency is the future of everyday banking. Our mission is to provide a strong community based cryptocurrency that not only helps you to build wealth, but also the potential to preserve that wealth. Staking with a Linda wallet is a great way to earn on the coins in your wallet.

How Staking Works    Download the Guide
Linda Masternodes

70-99% ROI

Linda currently offers Masternode owners a yearly 70-99% ROI! Think of it this way, owning a Masternode nearly doubles your investment each year as you hold your coins. Additionally, there is no maximum stake length which means that Masternode owners double their investment each and every year for as long as they choose.

How Masternodes Work    Download the Guide

Our Team

Where the sum is greater than the parts, Linda's teamwork maximises strengths that bring out the best in each team member which is a key theme on this site. These specific and unique individual strengths come together to compliment and construct the team as a unit.

Jonah Glasgow


With his background in electrical engineering technology and electronics manufacturing, Jonah has set out a mission to create a team circuit that produces power in the cryptosphere. Jonah was hand selected to ensure the growth and expansion of the Linda Project's blockchain and team structure. Developing a solid network of communication to the community is the core value of Linda Project.

Stephen Newton


Stephen is the founder of Crypto Commando Center, and displays abundant knowledge of Crypto analytics. His expertise encompasses business analytics, market research, strategic planning, and commercial development. His phenomenal negotiation and organizational skills will focus on identifying and closing new business, growth of existing business, and the merging of partnerships.

Justin Tether


Justin Tether is our in-house support team. Having over 6 years as a General IT Consultant and 3 years running multiple businesses, he brings a unique vision to the team, being the link between the public and the developers, and ensuring the needs of the community are met.

Gaelin McBride


Gaelin has worked as a marketing and communications team member for various brand building initiatives including software applications, clothing lines, and musical artists. His skills focus on research and data collection, implementing strategies, and coordinating media.

Chris Bowe


Through over 20 years in developing businesses from incubation through to maturity and sale, Chris has gained a deep experience in retail, food, health and technology sectors. Combining his entrepreneurial mindset with management of large teams, Chris loves introducing systems and fine tuning business operations.

David Gokhshtein


David is a dynamic and results orientated Entrepreneur with a background in Technology, Marketing and Financial Management. David’s experience in Account Administration, Finance and Business Operations along with his passion and knowledge of Fintech gives him a critical edge in identifying key areas of development and strategic growth in new and emerging markets.

David Grear


Dave Grear became involved with crypto currency in 2015. He has a background in project overviews, project delivery, and community relations. He's helped further the projects on LindaX and taken a lead on key Linda partnerships. He's assisted in growing the overall Linda brand with a large social media presence. He has a key role of keeping the Linda community informed about current projects and development. He is also assisting in the writing of white paper publications.

Chris Wallace


Chris Wallace is a specialist in marketing as well as a specialist in analytical writing. As a cryptocurrency social media influencer, he has a great grasp in both marketing and public relations. He has worked as a freelance marketing specialist and spent over 10 years as a freelance technical writer, after developing an interest in cryptocurrencies Wallace begun to apply his skills in the cryptocurrency industry.

Linda Technology Whitepaper

Download The Linda Whitepaper

Linda Exchanges

Ready to invest in Linda? Below are exchanges where you can currently find Linda trading. We will be adding even more exchanges very soon!



















Linda Roadmap

A roadmap is a essential key to keeping up with our community. In order to relay to our investors our plan for the year, we have developed this roadmap. Portrayed within the roadmap is all of the markers we are dedicated to hitting this year. As we progress through the year, we will be doing in depth reviews upon finishing each quarter. This will provide time for the community to reflect on our progress, and for us to give prompt updates on what’s to come next.

Wallet Downloads

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