Along with being one of the fastest crypto-currencies on the market, we have partnered with TOR in order to bring you stealth addressing on the fly that actually works. This combined with our unique PoS system allows us to provide not only a robust payment solution but an entire wealth management system that will change the way you do your daily banking forever.

Staking: Earn passive Income

Staking is one of the big key features of Linda Coin.

Staking allows any user to put their Linda coin up as ‘Collateral’ for use verifying the blockchain, which rewards you with a certain percentage of return based on the amount of coins you hold as well as how many transactions you’ve confirmed over this time.


This allows EVERY single user that owns ANY amount of Linda to have their Linda work for them! Simply unlock your wallet and make money!

Image of the TOR Onion Network

Your privacy is our #1

Your information is important, and therefore it should be private.

This is one of the key pillars of our project. Who cares how fast your transaction happens if your identity is stolen in the process. This is why we have partnered up with the worlds leading privacy protocol TOR — This partnership allows us to bring you seamless push-of-a-button privacy that you can trust.

We believe that in order for mass market adoption to take place, there needs to not only be a robust public ledger, but an even more robust private one as well.
The ability to switch between private and public transactions will ensure Amazon sees that you’ve paid for your package while still being able to hide the engagement ring from your partner.

Masternodes: Key to easy retirement

Masternodes will change the way we save up for our retirement.

The cost of living is ever-increasing and people aren’t making the same amount of money that they used to. For a large percentage of the population retirement seems not only like a long ways away, but in some cases, impossible.

The Linda project strives to change this.

Masternodes allow users to put up a specific amount of coins for collateral. Our Masternodes generate surprising 99% ROI per year, effectively earning you a large base income on the side, while you work towards your personal goals an aspirations. Making retirement not only a breeze, but also accessible to everyone.