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New Token Development Platform Designed For Business Enterprises

LindaX was created with the intention of facilitating vetted enterprises, partnerships, LLCs, and corporations to engage and participate as active contributors on a more cost-effective network.

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Our ICO has ended! Watch for Exchange Listing updates!

New World Opportunities

Network of Networks

Linda timeline Linda timeline

LindaX is fundamentally a fork of the go and cpp Ethereum client. In fact, this means LindaX is much like its predecessor Ethereum, while adopting a variant of protocols. LindaX is created with the intentions of vetted enterprises, partherships, LCCs and corporations to engage and participate as active contributors of the network. By following consortium models, we are able to outline specific on chain ethics and behavior.

A good reference to an exiting token platform is Ethereum’s ERC20 platform which has seen a lot of success. Their tokens have become some of the top cryptocurrencies. One of the major distinctions with LindaX is the developer support system. Linda will help with development, marketing, and the lauch of their token on LindaX.

Learn more about the first LindaX platform

Take a look at our extensive whitepaper for an in-depth look at the LindaX platform! Don't have time for a 60 page experience? Take a look at our simplified two-pager!

Use cases

Create A Token Specifically Tailored For Your Business

Imagine having a diverse network at your fingertips, where a business owner or entrepreneur can sculpt an absolutely unique token with exclusive features for designated transactions. Through team consultation, direction, and creative collaboration, Linda will help partners navigate the unfamiliar environment of cryptocurrency.

Tokenize Your Business Loyalty Program

Increase sales by Including enticing rewards, customers appreciate loyalty programs they often provide added incentives for making a purchase, with the rewards increasing linearly (or even exponentially) with more purchases or depending on the size or scope of the item purchased.

Increase Revenue with Lower Merchant Transaction Fees

Keep the costs of running your business down whilst simultaneously increasing your business performance with lower transaction fees, faster transaction times and greater transaction volume. Sustainable to keep your business growing.

More cases



Apply to have your idea become apart of the LindaX decentralised block chain community



The Linda team will review your application and accept your application if you meet our high quality requirements



Develop your dapp side-by-side with the experts apart of the Linda team to utilise all the possibilities of the LindaX network



Begin by testing on our test-net to refine your dapp for maximum efficiency before launching on the LindaX main-net.



Begin the excitement of your marketing plan utilising the business connections Linda has to offer to maximise your success.


Mass Adoption

Integrate your application into the real world to begin utilising the benefits of the LindaX network



The Linda team is committed to providing the best support to ensure you have the best chance for success

LindaX Roadmap

Upcoming milestones for the LindaX coin


LindaX Test Net "Trajectory" Launch


LindaX ICO Soft Cap Milestone


Governance & Transparency DApps


LRC20 Branch DApp


LindaX Partner Exchange or Acquisition


Mobile Wallets (iOS & Google Play)


LindaX Wallets


LindaX Main Net "Orbital" Launch


LindaX ICO Hard Cap Milestone


Token Vault DApps


First LRC20 Token Deployment


Metamask Integration


Increase LX Transaction Scalability

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Crowdsale and Coin Distribution

LindaX’s crowdsale will consist of three subsections privy to the expected set price upon exchange listing. Producing programs to maximize user involvement within the platform itself prior to launch date is vital to chain integrity for LindaX. Alongside this, we will be planning an incentivized referral structure for current Linda holders and new users.



Block Time:

~5 Seconds

Pre Mine:

75,000,000 LX


150,000,000 LX

Referral Program:

25,000,000 LX

Treasury 30% Referrals 10% ICO Tokens 60%

LindaX Team

Synergy: the interaction or cooperation of two or more agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.

Stephen Newton

Director of Finances & Legal

Justin Tether

Director of Support & Solutions

Gaelin McBride

Director of Marketing & Merchandise

Chris Bowe

Director of Web-wallet & Pool

David Grear

Director of Community Relations & Project Development